List Price   $49,000 - Closed

1bed. 1bath. 432 sqft

RARE OFFERING: Surrounded by BLM (government-owned) land to the east, west and south, assuring privacy, this homesteader cabin is located on 5 stunning acres with uninterrupted mountain views. Hike or ride straight out the back and into the remote desert. The community center is a short distance away. The local airstrip is easily accessible for flyers. Off-grid, but power poles nearby. Water tanks present. Obviously a work-in-progress but includes several unique structures and add-ons in addition to the main house. Previous owner's creative dream in need of a visionary to bring reality to fruition. Deamland straight out your back door and into the mountains. For those seeking quiet old-school Joshua Tree, look for further - you've arrived. This is exactly the type of property people used to travel out to Joshua Tree to find. About as wild and remote as you can get while still clinging to a bit of civilization.