More than just a real estate office.


We believe real estate should be about you, our client. The process of buying a home or a space for your dream should be just as individual as you are. We love Joshua Tree and can't wait to share the experience with you.



About Us

our expertise for you  

Bryan Wynwood is the broker/owner of Joshua Tree Modern. A former competitive cyclist (US Cycling Team), with degrees from UC Berkeley and Trinity College Dublin, he brings a vast knowledge to the table in real estate transactions. Experience in markets worldwide, with an international client base, translates to big picture but detail oriented insight. He's energetic, humorous, and always puts his clients first, right down to an auto-nondisclosure agreement for well-known clients who don't want others knowing their business.


Joshua Tree National Park


Joshua Tree National Park attracts more than two million visitors per year. The fastest growing national park in the country, Joshua Tree is the epitome of trendy yet still quintessentially isolated and magical. Home to some of the most easily recognizable natural features in the world as well as some of the most famous moments in pop culture, we have history for everyone. 


Modern Homes, Classic Style

Mid century revisited

The high desert is home to some of the best preserved mid century modern architecture in the country, including the largest collection of work in one place by Lloyd Wright Jr. Now renowned equally for its stunning contemporary homes and environmentally conscious yet highly aesthetic pre fabs, Joshua Tree has created a style of it's own. This simplicity in nature and design, letting in the elements of the desert landscape, is desert modern at it's finest. 


About the Market

it's your time to buy

Joshua Tree is experiencing a real estate boom. From LA to Silicon Valley, NYC, London and beyond, many major players of California lifestyle are escaping the frenetic city for the peaceful desert. Whether you're ready to call somewhere new home with your whole family or begin your business, your investment is safe here.