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Purchase Price $59,000 - Closed

224 sqft

1956 Homesteader Cabin with city water and solar power. New roof, new siding, cedar trim, new drywall, new insulation. Finish interior ceiling with sheetrock and entire cabin will be like new. 5 acres. Near paved road. Quiet peaceful area. 6’ security fencing surrounds cabin and trailers included in the sale – a 37’ Jayco 5th wheel and a 39’ Cobra RV, which has a working kitchen and functioning toilet. Nicely constructed utility shed for additional storage/living quarters. Large pit for subterranean greenhouse that hasn’t been completed. Pit could either be used for a medical marijuana greenhouse or a future septic tank or swimming pool area. All cash purchase. Ideal situation for more than one buyer to pool their funds and cohabitate in the different living spaces on the property while running a garden or simply living the desert communal lifestyle. Safe, secure and ripe for the picking!